Special Project 2017

Roatán Institute for Marine Science (RIMS) on the left and Anthony’s Key Resort (AKR) on the right. This facility is located along the Bay Islands of Honduras. Along the island of Roatán in Honduras, people and communities have voluntarily created a marine park to conserve natural resources. Within the park is an educational dolphin habitat […]

At the AMC theater in San Francisco, California - summer 2016!

Going Giant Screen!

Milbrand Cinema has created its first giant screen trailer!  Our project was shot in 6K digital cinema and premiered at the Giant Screen Cinema Association’s annual event as a “Film in Production” in Toronto, Canada.   Our project was shot and edited during the summer of 2016.  The projects website is In the Wake of the […]

CBS Sunday Morning News Stock Footage by Lance Milbrand, Milbrand Cinema

Video Stock Footage – Making Your Shots Pay the Mortgage

The video grab above was captured in Roatan, Honduras.  Although I anticipated seeing dolphins on this dive, this moment of mutual breath holding was special.  Who would exhale first, myself or the dolphin?  The connection between my lens and the animal stays with me, this moment in time is something I can share with the […]

Herman in water with Mokie copyright 2014

Saving A Threatened Species, One Fish at a Time

Ever since I worked on my steelhead movie for NOAA, NMFS in Long Beach, I have been fascinated with the California creek ecosystem and steelhead trout. Steelhead, (Oncorhynchus mykiss) could tell a very interesting story about their life, if only they could talk. Adults deposit eggs and milt in gravel within creeks and rivers that […]

Milbrand Cinema Camera Trap for MC Website

A Study of Patience with Nature – Camera Trapping

In simple terms, a camera trap is a way to see into the secret world of animals without being there when the picture is taken. Historically, camera traps were developed to assist hunters in following their game and provide information when an animal would be at a certain location. Today more and more people (like […]

Pileated Woodpecker - Photo by Josh Laymon


Almost beyond description is how I characterize the sound. Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom that resonates down the hills like a jackhammer. It calls me to come and find its source but the hills are steep and the trees are so thick at the top, only the pounding of beak on wood is heard, […]