Client List

Milbrand Cinema’s Client List

Lance Milbrand is a Producer, Writer, Director, Cameraman and Editor of natural resource and interview documentaries. Lance started his craft at the age of 27 and the Milbrand Cinema name took shape during the company’s first major NOAA grant award in 1996. While working with Howard and Michelle Hall on five IMAX films, Lance studied interview techniques and sequence building with animals and people, above and below water. This learning on the job now influences his current projects.

Additional clients who have used Lance Milbrand and Milbrand Cinema include the following:

CBS Sunday Morning News – Footage provider for the “Moment in Nature” end segment. Supplied Steelhead trout spawning at Stephen P. Taylor State Park March 2017, Monarch butterflies at Lighthouse Field State Beach on New Years Day 2017, Elephant Seals on the beach in San Simeon, CA on 4th of July weekend 2016, Yosemite National Park waterfalls and rainbows April 2016, Geese and gosling on Easter Sunday 2016, Turkeys looking for love on Valentine’s Day 2016, Dolphins of Honduras in September 2015, Bay checkerspot butterflies in April 2015 and Wildflowers at Edgewood County Park in March 2015. Damselflies that form the shape of a heart at Pinnacles National Park February 2015, California sea lions above and below water at Pebble Beach October 2014, Sea otter and harbor seals with pups on Mother’s Day May 2014, Endangered coho salmon spawning March 2014, Migrating elk in Montana January 2014, Redwood forests in California December 2013, Sea otter with their pups on Mother’s Day May 2013 and Pacific sea nettle jellyfish schooling in October 2012.

Waste Management – Guadalupe Recycling and Disposal Facility hired Milbrand Cinema to create a wildlife and facility operations movie. Guadalupe is certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council for enhancing wildlife habitats. This landfill is located in San Jose, CA. A second nature film was completed at their Kirby Canyon facility near Morgan Hill, California. The second movie highlights the commitment Waste Managements makes towards habitat protection and efforts to save endangered species. 2014-2015

San Francisco State University – Sierra Nevada Field Campus – Created a 60-second promotional video that highlights classes which teach environmental science and art.  This new video is uploaded to their field campus website.  August 2015

County of Orange, OC Parks – Awarded a Request for Proposal to create a ten-minute nature documentary for the 6,000-acre Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. This new museum video plays on three monitors at the same time and each screen has a different visual image. Shots are designed to run 11, 22 and 33 seconds each, overlapping shots that display habitats and animals with hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding trails. Responsible for producing, shooting and editing. 2013-14

reWINEd designs – Writer, Cameraman, Editor – Created a 90-second commercial that highlights a business which fabricates useful items out of recycled wine barrels. 2013

Scripps Research Institute – Director of Photography (DOP) for interviews with the chemistry colleges’ president, dean, faculty and graduate students. This project includes extensive b-roll of the campus and was created for the agency Laura Coe Design Associates. 2013, 2015, 2016

Red Digital Cinema REDUCATION – Certificate of Completion for Scarlet and Epic camera workflows. February 2013

CHEER – Producer, Director, Cameraman and Editor – Everyday CHEER (Coastal Habitat Education and Environmental Restoration) Shot and edited a PSA for the non-profit that benefits the federally endangered steelhead trout and cleans up the Pajaro River watershed along Gilroy, California. 2012

County of Orange, OC Parks – Awarded a Request for Proposal to create a ten-minute nature documentary – Nature in Our Backyard, Newport Back Bay Responsible for all aspects of production including: payroll, writing the script, directing and shooting video, editing and all post production duties. 2011-12

Palace Entertainment – DOP for a series of Television Commercials that were created for the ad agency Turnstile. Wildlife, Safari and Glass Bottom Boats were shot topside/underwater with actors in Ocala, Florida’s Silver Springs Nature Park. 2011

The Food Network – DOP for underwater sea urchin diving sequences with host, Ben Sargent. Hook, Line, Dinner. 2011

CBS News, SONY Trailer – The Hollywood film Soul Surfer Press Release. Shot an interview with Anna Sophia Robb on Malibu Pier, as well as in-the-water while she was surfing. This project aired on the Network News. 2011

NOAA/NMFS – Awarded a Request for Quotation for Recovery of Steelhead in Southern California Writer, Producer, Director, Cameraman and Editor for a short film that needed b-roll, a central theme and a central character for interviews. 2009-2010

Southern California Edison – Renewed Purchase Orders with this energy corporation over a period of ten years. Producer, Director, Cameraman, Editor for all public relation films on a $90-million dollar wetland restoration project and a $26-million dollar artificial reef project. Restoring the San Dieguito Wetlands, The Wheeler North Artificial Reef, and San Onofre Plant Procedures in San Clemente, California. 2003-2012

National Geographic Channel – Wild Spaces, National Park Series, DOP for Death Valley and Pacific Coast Trail, shot all primary interviews with specialists describing their activities in the field including sequences with desert pupfish inside underwater caves in Nevada and California mountain lion research and tagging at night in the mountains. 2008-09

The Sun Ranch Group – Producer, Director, Cameraman, Editor documenting the Sun Ranch wilderness in Cameron, Montana that involved cattle branding and wildlife migrations. 2009

CBS Evening News – DOP in-the-water Returning to Surfers Roots – Paddle Surfing with Laird Hamilton in Malibu, California. 2008

Joined UBEW Local Union 45 in Los Angeles for CBS Network News. 2008                                                                                                     Swift Cut Out for MC Webpage

Waitt Institute for Discovery – DOP on three Waitt expeditions, Turks & Caicos Expedition, Panama Expedition, Chinchorro Banks, Mexico. 2007-08

CBS Evening News – DOP in-the-water, Surfers Healing, A Foundation for Autism. 2007

WildAid.Org – DOP for interviews and in-the-water with whale sharks along the Mexican Yucatan and lemon sharks in Bimini, Bahamas. Yao Ming Shark Campaign for Conservation. 2006-07

NBC Today – DOP in-the-water for this business surfing project, The New Board Room. 2006

Google – DOP for interviews Web Design for New Product Launch. 2006

Survivor Entertainment Group – DOP underwater beauty shots, CBS Survivor Palau – Nominated as a DOP for a National Prime Time, Multi-Camera Series Emmy. 2004

Aquarium of the Pacific – DOP for natural history grunion Weird, Wild and Wonderful. 2005

National Geographic Channel – DOP for interviews, Exorcism, is it Real? 2005

Cable Science Network – DOP, Stem Cells, Science, Ethics and Politics. 2004

University of California Irvine – Awarded a Request for Proposal as the DOP and Editor, Freshmen Recruitment video and Three Commercials for FOX Sports Net. 2003-04

National Geographic Explorer – DOP, on-camera host, explorer, Ultimate Explorer, Island Castaway. The number two-rated NGT program in the Neilson Ratings for the season. 2003

National Geographic Expeditions Council – Grant recipient, NGT Film, Maps, Internet projects. Appeared on The Today Show Weekend Edition and Lester Holt plus 4 radio broadcasts. 2003

National Geographic Today – Acted as the field producer and DOP for Manatee, (2) Human Powered Submarines programs, Elephant Seals and White Sea-bass Hatchery news programs. 2002-03

Lang Studio’s – DOP during a 26-day expedition that followed Charles Darwin’s boat log and diary, Darwin’s Footsteps. 2002

Ellis Vision Entertainment – DOP for California Black Bears, Trouble Brewing. 2002

BBC Blue Planet – Stock footage provider of surgeonfish spawning and manta rays eating the spawn in the South Pacific, Open Oceans. A Emmy winning film. 2001

Upper Newport Back Bay Interpretive Center – DOP for a ten-minute film that is on permanent display at the center, Salt Marsh Seasons. 1998

IMAX Experience as a assistant cameraman – Deep Sea 3-D – Hurricane on the Bayou – Coral Reef Adventure – Journey into Amazing Caves – Island of the Sharks. 2004 through 1998

BBC Series Special – DOP of all underwater cave sequences in Spirits of the Jaguar. 1996

20th Century Fox – On set dive assistant to James Cameron, non-credited Titanic. 1996

Saltonstall-Kennedy, NOAA – National Marine Fisheries Service federal grant recipient, Producer, Cameraman, Editor for Fish for Tomorrow, a 30-minute film. 1996

National Geographic Explorer – Host and DOP for this New York produced series, Explorers Journal. This program appeared on the NGT special “Cameramen Who Dare,” Skeleton Cave. Jim Coke III, an American underwater cave explorer discovered a 7,500 year-old skeleton that was a half-mile back from the entrance. Lance Milbrand was the first to document it. 1992