In Celebration of Valentine’s Day, February 2015

CBS Sunday Morning sent me a quarry and was looking for wolf or swan video to highlight their Sunday LOVE program for Valentine’s Day.  I had neither sequence in my library but sent them pics of local damselflies from Pinnacles National Park.  They purchased the damselfly video for their “Moment in Nature” sequence at the end of their program.  I was hiking along Bear Gulch Reservoir with my video camera looking for huge condor but instead found tiny insects during courtship, forming the shape of a heart.

Damselfly heart 2 with Copyright

Pinnacles National Park is located in Central California, approximately two-hours south of San Jose.

Damselflies are related to dragonflies but are not strong fliers.  They mate and lay their eggs along shorelines of ponds and lakes with vegetation.

Damselfly 4 with CopyrightHere at Bear Gulch Reservoir, its not hard to imagine that grizzly bears once roamed these mountains and drank from this shoreline.

Damselfly habitat 3 with Copyright



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