National Television Broadcasts to the Backyard

Milbrand Cinema recently sold two end segments to CBS Sunday Morning News. Its always fun to know that millions of people relaxing on a Sunday morning start their day by watching quality news and then wait for their “Moment In Nature.” These end segments capture a season, a location and usually an animal living its life within their natural environment.

Purple & yellow mix with hill with Logo & Copyright

Wildflowers at Edgewood County Park Near San Francisco, California.

Bay Checkerspot feeding on onion with Logo and Copyright

Bay checkerspot butterfly live in a preserve maintained by the Kirby Canyon Landfill Conservation Trust, a Waste Management company.

Milbrand Cinema video can also be captured here in the Santa Cruz Mountains. After a heavy nighttime rain, the next day our dog Otto discovered a California GIANT Salamander crossing our driveway. Giants are the largest salamanders in North America (about a foot-long!) with related species also found in Washington State and Idaho. Although not endangered, they are seldom seen because they spend the majority of their lives deep underground, below fallen logs next to creeks.

California giant & banana slug with Logo COPY

A favorite food of the California giant salamander is the banana slug.

California giant face with Logo COPY

California giant salamanders are difficult to find. They normally emerge from their hiding spots at night in the rain! Seeing one during the daylight hours is very lucky.

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