Recent Projects

Recent Projects

In the Wake of the Dolphin

This is a five-minute trailer for a 40-minute giant screen feature film about a special wildlife ambassador, an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin. This film will tell the story about a dolphin named Han and his unique lifestyle. In future expeditions, the film will capture dolphin communication science by Kathleen Dudzinski Ph.D., wildlife encounters along the coral reef, sand flats and open ocean as well as aerials. This is a 2D digital film that will play in both the flat and dome theaters. To learn more about this interesting project, please visit:

TRT: 05:01 Trailer

The Kirby Canyon Recycling and Disposal Facility, Waste Management

This is a story about the efforts made by Waste Management to protect two endangered species, the Bay Checkerspot butterfly and the California Red-legged frog. Each species requires a special habitat and can be found at Kirby Canyon Recycling and Disposal Facility near San Jose, California.

TRT: 05:02 short subject

The California Condor Story, Rescuing the Founders

The California condor is the largest bird in North America, a true scavenger.  Humans were the cause of their near demise but luckily a group of forward thinking biologists helped to prevent them from going extinct.  Milbrand Cinema would like to create a one-hour film on this subject that covers four states and Baja California, Mexico.   Today they can be seen flying free in their natural habitats.

TRT: 04:42 wildlife video

Southern California Edison

See videos from the Wetland Restoration project.

Walk Like A Newt – A Wildlife Music Video

True Story! At lunch with my music composer, I showed him my latest creation on my iPad, a year-long study of all the important things that happen during the life of a small forest creature, the California newt. Eddie said, "I have an idea, lets make a kids' music video." I said Ed, I've never cut a music video before but if you write me a song, I will see what I can do. This one-minute segment is just a start of a story that is much grander in scale and even more fun.

TRT: 1:06 music video

EVERYDAY – CHEER helps the Environment

I was first attracted to CHEER for the opportunity to see steelhead trout, a very rare creature with almost a Bigfoot type of stature. The great work that CHEER does in their Gilroy community educating and connecting people, fighting for the fish is the reason I donated my filmmaking time and equipment, to tell a small part of their story.

TRT: 3:00 short subject

Nature in Our Backyard, Newport Back Bay

To see this film in its entirety, please visit The Muth Interpretative Center, located at the corner of Irvine Street and University Avenue in Newport Beach, California. Open every day except Monday and major holidays. Admission and the ability to walk all trails are free. Produced for the County of Orange and OC Parks.

TRT: 3:40 short subject

Cultivating Fish and Grapes

This is a segment of the larger documentary Recovery of Steelhead in Southern California but narrows into the efforts made by a private wine grower to help this species of fish avoid extinction.

TRT: 03:05 short subject.

Surveying Endymion Reef, Turks and Caicos

Waitt Institute for Discovery hired Milbrand Cinema to survey the remains of a 1790 British shipwreck site. A remote underwater rock actually claimed two ships, almost resting on top of one another. Milbrand Cinema’s video aided in providing clues to the second ships age and name, helping to write a chapter in the Turks and Caicos island history.

TRT: 05:01 short subject.

Sacred Water – Part 1 of 2

A friend of mine for over 20 years, Bil Phillips of Speleotech in Tulum, Mexico offers cave diving training, exploration and accommodations. Bil connects people to fellow explorers and takes them to amazing caves. Carmen Rojas, a Mexican Government underwater archaeologist was kind enough to allow us to record some of her studies.

TRT: 02:00 short subject.

Sacred Water – Part 2 of 2

This expedition was organized by my good friend Bil Phillips who owns Speleotech in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Jim Coke is a cartographer and the regions leading expert in connectivity of dry and underwater caves. Jim helped teach me how to cave dive and in 1990, he discovered the areas first ancient human skeleton, approximately 4500B.C.. Tom Young and I documented this discovery for National Geographic's Explorers Journal, Skeleton Cave television segment.

TRT: 06:38 short subject