Video Production Services

Lance Milbrand worked with Angel Rampy to promote her business,
Kirby Canyon Hard Drive HandoffLance Milbrand hands off two hard drives to Becky Azevedo (Environmental Manager) and Mike Riviera (District Manager) at the Kirby Canyon Recycling and Disposal Facility.
Lance, Penny, and Mark - Steelhead Video

6K Cinema Production for Corporate Use

In 2017, Milbrand Cinema shot interview material to promote a professional website, Angel Rampy's Success Through Learning. This material was shot and edited in 6K video using RedCineX and Adobe Premier Pro CC 2017.

Corporate Wildlife Projects

In 2015, Milbrand Cinema created two movies for Waste Management. One movie covers their operations and wildlife at their Guadalupe facility and the second movie shows endangered Bay Checkersopt butterflies and California red-legged frogs at their Kirby Canyon facility. Waste Management is certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) for protecting threatened habitat and caring for endangered species.

Public Outreach

The steelhead trout is the rarest fish in the Continental United States and the National Marine Fisheries Service is trying to bring them back from the brink of extinction. (left) Lance Milbrand, Penny Ruvelas (NMFS host and Biologist) and Mark Capelli (NMFS Steelhead Recovery Coordinator) on location at Matilija Dam.

Silver Springs Nature Park

Corporate Videos and Films

Lance Milbrand has produced corporate videos for different clients, for a wide range of purposes. These projects have ranged from public relations films to recruitment commercials and training programs. Lance has a keen eye for picking out the most striking visual elements in a scene and capturing them in a way that sells your product, service, or organization.

(left) Silver Springs Nature Park in Ocala, Florida. Milbrand Cinema was hired to create a series of television commercials. John Anderson, Michele Wischmeyer of Palace Entertainment, Lance Milbrand and Kaima the Giraffe.

Southern California Edison

See videos from the Wetland Restoration project.

Donald Keith and Dominique Rissolo

Donald Keith, PhD., Ships of Discovery and Dominique Rissolo, PhD., Director, Waitt Institute for Discovery

Nature and Adventure

Lance Milbrand is unsurpassed when it comes to producing footage and complete programs for natural history and adventure projects. He has experience mounting and leading complete expeditions to remote locations and has always returned with the exact footage clients have requested.

Waitt Institute for Discovery hired Milbrand Cinema to survey the remains of a 1790 British shipwreck site. Donald H. Keith, Ph.D. is the Trustee of the Turks and Caicos National Museum and lead archaeologist with Ships of Discovery. Dr. Keith is currently raising funds for a second maritime museum in the islands for displaying this British shipwreck as a national treasure.

Underwater Videos and Films

Lance Milbrand has extensive diving experience and has filmed many projects underwater. A certified cave diver, Lance has penetrated caves in the Yucatan jungle at distances of more than 3000 feet. This type of diving requires the highest level of discipline and skill, and Lance has both of these traits in abundance.

Besides his cave diving background, Lance is also qualified in a broad range of diving equipment and procedures, including dry suits, nitrox, full-face masks, and blue water diving. To shoot difficult subjects underwater, diving must be second nature, and there are few people as at home in the water as Lance Milbrand