Special Project 2017

Some years back I discovered an exceptional story, a project whose narrative could be told for years to come and will translate into all cultures and languages.  This discovery has evolved into an ocean lifestyle film, one that is so special, I am adapting it to the giant screen, creating an IMAX film which will be 70 feet wide by 60 feet high for the flat screen, stretching across your field of vision and over your head for the dome screen.

Roatán Institute for Marine Science on the left and Anthony's Key Resort on the right. This facility is located in the Bay Islands, Honduras.

Roatán Institute for Marine Science (RIMS) on the left and Anthony’s Key Resort (AKR) on the right.  This facility is located in the Bay Islands, Honduras.

Along the island of Roatán in Honduras, people and communities have voluntarily created a marine park to conserve natural resources.  Within the park is an educational dolphin habitat / facility.  One day a wild dolphin showed up outside the enclosure and would not leave.  Eventually he was allowed in and has since become an important member of the dolphin group.  Trainers named him Han Solo.  Every day, trainers open their enclosure gates and allow Han and some of his buddies to swim free in the open sea and they always come back!  This is a 40-minute IMAX movie that tells the story about Han’s life as a wildlife ambassador, the people who care for him and the benefits of creating a marine park.  It’s a feel-good movie that promotes conservation and will make our audience think about the big picture.

This project will also contain dolphin communication science from Kathleen Dudzinski, Ph.D.  Kathleen has studied this particular group of dolphins for the past eleven years.  Coral reef science will be conducted with help from AKR and the Roatán Marine Park and over-viewed by CORAL.org which is also known as the Coral Reef Alliance.   CORAL.org has partnered with the community to set voluntary standards for marine recreation.

Samir Galindo and Lance Milbrand

Samir Galindo and Lance Milbrand, June 2016

The location where this feature is being shot is Anthony’s Key Resort and Roatán Institute for Marine Science. The Galindo family has owned the resort for the past 50-years and understands the importance of protecting the ocean, helping local people and promoting marine education.  The way they run their operation is very admirable and we are proud to be the ones to tell their inspiring story.

Our distributor is the gold standard in giant screen film production, MacGillivray Freeman Films.



This five-minute concept movie trailer is being re-edited for a new presentation at the Giant Screen Cinema Association’s annual event.  This year’s fall convention will be in Chicago, Illinois.

The working title for this project is In the Wake of the Dolphin.