Special Projects

Special Projects

Where Do You Fit In?

A wild life doc producer discusses how to find your calling as a videographer – By Lance Milbrand

Creating your own niche is not an accident-it's a conscious decision based on lifestyle, drive, and a bit of luck. I never knew that all those mornings swimming offshore as a kid in Ft. Lauderdale when Mr. Barracuda, a healthy five-foot specimen with a full set of teeth, would chase me from one reef to the next, following me all the way back to the water's edge-held a larger purpose. READ MORE (PDF)

GPS Map of Clipperton

Lance Milbrand created this GPS map of Clipperton atoll for National Geographic Maps with the assistance of a National Geographic Expeditions Council Grant.

Lance’s most ambitious nature/adventure project to date has been the Island Castaway program he shot for National Geographic Explorer. Lance spent 41 days alone on Clipperton Atoll in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, thousands of miles from the nearest civilization. For this challenging expedition, he had to completely plan for his needs and outfit himself for both his basic survival and to ensure that he had everything he required to come back with the footage requested. Lance not only got every shot requested, but also mapped the entire atoll for National Geographic Maps, using GPS technology.

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Filmmaker Lance Milbrand recounts what it was like being stranded at the birthplace of hurricanes to document sharks, eels, and bird life on a remote island in the Eastern Pacific.

Clipperton is a coral atoll, a true sunken volcano totally enclosed by the sea. It’s shaped like a rectangular donut and created mostly of broken corals and bird guano. An enigma, Clipperton is named after an eighteenth-century English pirate and is located 700 miles off the coast of Mexico in the Eastern Pacific, but the territory is owned by France. Basically, Clipperton is in the middle of nowhere. READ MORE (PDF)

Sony’s Digitalmaster Professional Videotape Goes to Extremes for DP Lance Milbrand

The Advanced Tape's Durability and Reduced Drop-Out and Error Rates Overcome Varying Temperature Extremes in Professional HDV Applications

PARK RIDGE, N.J., Sept. 28, 2005 - The workload for an independent cameraman often goes from one extreme to another, and that's often literally the case for Lance Milbrand. From extreme underwater cold to heat and humidity, Milbrand has found himself shooting in nearly every condition imaginable.
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