Stock Footage

HD Stock Footage


High quality HD stock footage includes wildlife behaviors, endangered species, habitats and ecosystems, oceans, rivers, forests, caves and much more. Edited sequences for displays are available to purchase directly from Milbrand Cinema. monkey

Lance Milbrand has over 2000 HD stock shots represented by OceanFootage and NatureFootage.  If you want to see a collection of shots, go to either website and type in LMi before any subject.  For example is you wanted to see “jellyfish” then go to the OceanFootage site and type in their search box: LMi jellyfish.  This type of searching can be done with just about subject, even locations.  Go ahead, try typing in your animal.  Try alligator, bobcat, condor or your location, redwood forest, Yellowstone National Park, just remember to put a LMi before the subject.    If the shot you need is in the library, you will find it, have fun! 

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California’s Central Coast has fantastic underwater and nearshore wildlife.

HD Stock footage from Silver Springs, Florida.
  Passport Foot Softer Sideways