Monarch Butterfly Coastal Migration

Lighthouse Field State Park – come for the butterflies, stay for the lifestyle. There are many reasons to visit this state park in Santa Cruz, California.  In creating a one-minute film, I only touched on a few of the attractions.  Here are a handful of reasons to visit:  a cool lighthouse, CA’s first surfing museum, […]

In Celebration of Valentine’s Day, February 2015

CBS Sunday Morning sent me a quarry and was looking for wolf or swan video to highlight their Sunday LOVE program for Valentine’s Day.  I had neither sequence in my library but sent them pics of local damselflies from Pinnacles National Park.  They purchased the damselfly video for their “Moment in Nature” sequence at the […]

Saving A Threatened Species, One Fish at a Time

Ever since I worked on my steelhead movie for NOAA, NMFS in Long Beach, I have been fascinated with the California creek ecosystem and steelhead trout. Steelhead, (Oncorhynchus mykiss) could tell a very interesting story about their life, if only they could talk. Adults deposit eggs and milt in gravel within creeks and rivers that […]