What’s in a Name? How About a New Title!

Last October, the Giant Screen Cinema Association projected our dolphin trailer to a large audience of IMAX giant screen theater owners and managers.  Out of the 27 films shown, In the Wake of the Dolphin scored number seven!  The audience really liked our story and the cinematography, but overall, they were not attracted to the title.  We discovered the majority of movie titles tend to be one, two or three words.  We changed our five-word title to a three-word title, and the new title is, drum roll please…  The Dolphin Ambassador.

The main character, a dolphin named Han is a true wildlife ambassador.  Han’s life has bridged two worlds, one of living in the wild and the other living within managed care.  Every day, Han and some of his buddies are allowed to swim outside their dolphin enclosure and they always choose to come back.  Han allows us a connection with marine mammals that is unique and very special, Han is The Dolphin Ambassador.

Title Design: Dave Choice

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